Travel Trends Going Into 2022

Life changed dramatically in the last two years, and travel perhaps faced the greatest alterations. Suddenly faced with the restrictions placed on global travel, the desire to see iconic views around the world has only intensified. There’s no doubt, travel is back in a BIG way in 2022. The open borders of Europe may be on the horizon eventually, but for now, let’s take a look at a few major travel trends we expect to see in 2022 and beyond. 

Epic Trips

Travel Trends - Epic Trips

Take back what was lost. Revenge travel has officially emerged among the hottest travel trends. Big, bucket-list trips are taking travelers (and travel advisors) by storm. With all of the time spent at home, in lockdown, teaching your kids through remote schooling, or simply saving money that would ordinarily be spent on holidays – travelers are ready to go all out on their next escape.

Active travelers are planning treks across the Serengeti or looking to scale Macchu Pichu. Luxury lovers are considering pampered stays at the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, or yachting across the Med, and honeymooners are dreaming about not just one, but two or more honeymoon destinations – all rolled into a loved up mega getaway!


Travel Trends - Workcations

The world is your office. With remote work on the rise, more employees are taking their laptops on the road. Workcations blur the lines between work and play. Whether it’s a weeklong escape to a cabin or a month-long tropical getaway, as long as there’s a WiFi connection – workcations are a new reality. 

Workcations remain among popular travel trends. Digital nomads have been plugging away on their laptops for years in the jungles of Costa Rica, the beaches of Mexico, and at cafes in Paris. Now an increasing number of remote workers can reconsider work-life balances and expand the parameters of office space. 


Travel Trends - Staycations

Time at home hit an all-time high last year. And while there’s great comfort in your own space, nothing compares to soft high-thread-count sheets, room service, and uninterrupted quiet time. 

For individuals who can’t get away, staycations provide the perfect antidote. From local spa visits and hotel stays to discovering nearby attractions, travelers can relax, unwind, or explore somewhere new while within friendly confines. 

Immersive Travel

Travel Trends - Immersive Travel

Mark Twain promoted this concept years ago, and in 2022, travelers will jump on board. Twain believed cultural travel broadens views on the world and expands perspectives. Plus, travelers want this. Data shows a growing desire for authentic experiences that expand their global perspective.

Diving into local culture at a destination offers unique learning opportunities that leave a lasting impression. Whether it’s local food, music, or sporting events, curiosity is driving a new way to travel that builds connections and expands borders. 

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