The Top 5 Most Luxurious Trains Across the Globe

Luxurious train trips are a unique way to travel, offering a combination of comfort, convenience, and cultural experiences. From scenic routes through picturesque landscapes to lavish onboard amenities, these train journeys offer a truly unparalleled travel experience. Here are some of the most luxurious train trips around the world:

The Orient Express:

luxurious train the Orient Express

This iconic train is perhaps the most famous luxury train in the world. Originally launched in 1883, the Orient Express offers a range of routes through Europe, including Paris, Venice, and Istanbul. The train features lavish, Art Deco-style cabins and dining cars, as well as a bar car where passengers can socialize and enjoy cocktails.

The Rocky Mountaineer:

This train journey takes passengers through the stunning Canadian Rocky Mountains, offering panoramic views of soaring snow-capped mountains and glacier-fed lakes. The train features comfortable, glass-domed coaches that allow passengers to fully appreciate the stunning scenery. Onboard, passengers can enjoy gourmet meals, open bar service, and live entertainment.

The Royal Scotsman:

This luxurious train takes passengers through the breathtaking Scottish Highlands, offering a range of route options that include visits to historic castles and whisky distilleries. The train features elegant cabins with private bathrooms, as well as a dining car where passengers can enjoy gourmet meals prepared by a team of onboard chefs.

The Golden Eagle:

This extravagant train takes passengers on a trans-Siberian adventure, traveling through Russia, Mongolia, and China. This romantic train features a variety of cabins and suites, as well as a well-appointed restaurant complete with Golden Eagle china and crystal. As you pass through the vast Siberian wilderness, you’ll easily forget you’re even on a train, and instead relish your five-star (traveling!) hotel.

velvet seating on a luxurious train

The Rovos Rail:

private cabin on a luxurious train

This private rail company offers a range of routes through South Africa, including trips to Cape Town, Victoria Falls, and the Kruger National Park. Having earned an international reputation for world-class train experiences, Rovos Rail’s stunningly rebuilt trains carry a modest 72 passengers in 36 luxuriously appointed suites. Their vintage wood-paneled coaches and selection of South Africa’s finest wines exude romance and harken back to a more refined era. 

Whether you’re interested in exploring the Rocky Mountains or traveling through the Scottish Highlands, there is a luxurious train journey that can provide you with unfettered access, opulent surroundings and five-star service. 

Want to ride the rails in style? Reach out to us here, and we can make it happen! 

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